Rafael Riqueni´s forthcoming album "Herencia" (Universal Music 2021)

Rafael Riqueni
Rafael Riqueni


From the forthcoming album "Herencia"
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After the great success of Parque de Maria Luisa, an album that every critic has praised as a master piece and the best flamenco guitar record in recent history, Herencia is the new Rafael Riqueni creation, where he goes deep in to flamenco concert solo guitar roots.

Flamenco concert solo guitar is one the main historic foundations in Spanish music, a genre that such names as Sabicas, Serranito, or the early Paco de Lucia made popular. as in a classical guitar concert, the flamenco virtuoso would play alone on stage.

Herencia is Rafael Riqueni´s answer to flamenco guitar history and tradition, and to the legacy of the great Maestros from the past.

article posted by:Francisco Bech, Bech Music