ab@ad in concert at Hofkirche Luzern
Album Cover for "Ancient Love"


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  • country:Switzerland
  • region:Middle East
  • style(s):Contemporary modal , Arabic Classical
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Small Ensemble, Trio
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal, percussion, singer songwriter, jazz combo
  • artist posted by:Bellwald, Titus

Line up

  • Emre Aydın (Bass, bass guitar)
  • Titus Bellwald (percussion, tombak, riq, frame drums)
  • Wael Sami Elkholy (voice, oud, electro-acoustic oud)


ab3ad are

Wael Sami Elkholy - voice, oud
Emre Aydin - bass
Titus Bellwald -percussion

Wael Sami Elkholy is egyptian singer coming from the classical arabic musical tradition. He later left that scene to study composition and "théatre musical" in Switzerland. Titus Bellwald is a classical percussionist who had always been intrigued how much greener the grass looked on the other side of the fence. That might be why he also studied arabic, persian and mediterranean percussions.The two wrote the music for their first album "Ancient Love" which they recorded with guest bass player Björn Meyer (published via self-publish platform fontastix). Soon after they were joined by bass player Emre Aydin to complete the band.
For lack of better pigeonholeing terms they call their music "New Traditional Music"