Bema Bureau Export De La Musique Africaine

BEMA - African Music Export Office - is a network of music profesional based in Africa.

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BEMA is a network of African producers of music. Established in 2007 at the initiative of Mamadou Konte, the founder of Africa Fête, and under the leadership of African producers in West and Central Africa, the BEMA supports the structuring and export African music in Africa and around the world. The African music Export Office has a sub-regional approach that relies on the location of its members. Today, the BEMA has 12 countries members, mostly in West Africa.

By launching the first edition of SIMA, International Forum of African Music ,the BEMA responds to needs identified by professionals of African music, namely to strengthen the African music market, promote and export of the African music in Africa and outside Africa. The African music industry needs its own efficient and effective forum on the continent, and SIMA arrives on point. As an itinerant event, SIMA will be held annually in an African capital, in partnership with the host and the active members of the network countries. SIMA consists of a market, concerts, business meetings, workshops and awards. It will bring for four days, the first edition will take place on Yaounde (Cameroon), during the Kolatier, October 30th to November 2nd 2013.



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