“Music bridging communities in post conflict environments”

Parallel Versing project

Conference Room 2 Saturday 15.15

How can a child in the remote part of North Sri Lanka have a bigger impact in community relations in Northern Ireland that politicans could ever achieve?

How has a prestigious world festival enabled the development of the most ambitious intercultural community music & arts programme at grassroots level in Northern Ireland?

Find out at our WOMEX conference session.

We dont have all the answers but we will present some truths and the HOW we are doing it.

Darren Ferguson (Ireland)
CEO, Beyond Skin
Annie Menter (UK)
WOMAD Foundation
Ripton Lindsay (Jamaica/UK)
Speaker/tutor, WOMAD Foundation/Beyond Skin
Shalini Wickramasuriya (UK/Sri Lanka)
Founder trustee, The Music Project

Over the past 11 years the work of Beyond Skin has made a very large positive contribution to community relations in Northern Ireland whilst also nurturing the intercultural arts & world music sector. This has been done by through a diverse team of artists & partner organisations who are passionate about using their gifts for the greater good. In this session representatives from Beyond Skin and partners WOMAD Foundation and The Music Project (Sri Lanka) will present their experiences of addressing conflict and division head on through music, whilst also cultivating positive creative outputs in the process. The session will give practical examples of how social change at local level and engagement of 'hard to reach' groups can be influenced through music and international partnerships.


article posted by:Darren Ferguson, Beyond Skin