"Catalan fanfare!" - Biflats

Portada Disc
Biflats Tradicionàrius
Biflats Tradicionarius 2
  • artist:Biflats
  • region:Catalonia
  • release year:2017
  • style(s):Gypsy, World
  • country:Spain
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc),
  • record submitted by:Biflats
  • label:Picap SL
  • publisher:Picap SL
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The 1st Catalan fanfare with cobla sound presents its 1st album

Biflats propose party and fanfare, they assure fun, Bb's is the conjunction of exciting rhythms with the power of cobla (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cobla) sounding genuine and new. Bb's has been devised exclusively for cobla, they are a cobla that breaks molds: a hooligan cobla.

His own songs, such as Ferro roent, El bou de Portbou, Som de la Selva, Pèl a les aixelles or Coucou describe his particular humoristic-rural imagery, but Bb's also has classic Catalan popular culture such as Muntanyes del Canigó and gives them the back in danceable style, it fills them with Mediterranean exoticism in some cases and, in others, brings them closer to the sounds of the Balkans, the aesthetics of fanfare or the Brass Band of Eastern Europe, always in Catalan key, with cobla instruments showing all its sound power.

​Biflats wants show to the world the peculiarities of the sound of the cobla with its unprecedented spectacle that invite everyone to dance.

Bb's is World Music Made in Catalonia