Barcelona Big Blues Band

Barcelona Big Blues Band
Barcelona Big Blues Band with Dani Nel·lo & Mario Cobo
Barcelona Big Blues Band with Myriam Swanson
BarcelonaBig Blues Band with Dani Nelo
Barcelona Big Blues Band with Ray Gelato


Barcelona Big Blues Band with Dani Nelo
  • Saxatach
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  • country:Spain
  • region:Catalonia
  • style(s):Big Band, Rock'n'Roll
  • label:El Toro Records
  • type:Big Band
  • artist posted by:Black Music Productions SL

Line up

  • Artem Zhuliev  (Tenor Sax)
  • Duska Miscevic (Alto Sax)
  • Federico Mazzanti  (Piano)
  • Hector Martín  (Guitar)
  • Ignasi Poch  (Alto Sax)
  • Igor Kossenkov  (Trombone)
  • Ivan Kovacevic  (Double bass and conducter)
  • Jaume Torné (Trumpet)
  • Marti Elias  (Drums)
  • Nuria Vitó  (Baritone Sax)
  • Pere Masafret (Trombone)
  • Pol Prats (Tenor Sax)
  • Victor Verges  (Trumpet)


Traditionally, Barcelona has given good Jazz & Swing Big Bands. From the early 70’s till nowadays, there have been many local musicians and arrangers that allowed themselves to be seduced by the power and the versatility that characterizes this type of bands. But up to now, none of them had the aim to work in the Blues &l Rhythm and Blues fields. The Barcelona Big Blues Band, conducted by the double bass player Ivan Kovacevic, conjugates a bunch of great musicians who creat an energetic, wild and at the same time sophisticated sound. Through his arrangemetns, Kovacevic puts on the Big Band all his experience and the knowledge he has acquired in different small combos. The result is a sound flood in the tradition of great classical bands such as T-Bone Walker or Johnny Otis.

Focused on musically backing the best national and international Rhythm´n´Blues artists, achieving a wide and variable sound at every gig, has collaborated with Dani Nel.lo, Ray Gelato, Myriam Swanson, Mike Sanchez, Drew Davies, Greg Piccolo, Steve Lucky & Carmen Gettit, Mark Tortorici, Agusti Burriel, Blas Picón, Big Dani Pérez, Lluís Coloma, Santos Puertas etc. what has lead them to play in several Jazz and Blues festivals in Catalonia and in the historical venues such as Jamboree or Palau de la música.

They have issued their first CD “Sax attack” with Dani Nel.lo (El toro records, August 2014). And a series of EP´s with Mike Sanchez, Myriam Swanson, Agusti Burriel and Drew Davies.

From one gig to another, The Barcelona Big Blues Band achieves it’s unique aim: Make the audience enjoy as they do …. With all their heart & Soul!!!