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About women's skills
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Wom Song from WOM's COLLECTIVE
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Line up

  • Anaïs Vila (Guitar & Vocals)
  • Clara Luna (Vocals & Keyboard)
  • Gessamí Boada (Keyboard & Vocals)
  • Laia Fortià (Drums & Vocals)
  • Magali Datzira (Bass & Vocals)


WOM’S Collective is a proposal lead by drummer and composer Laia Fortià and singer, pianist and composer Clara Luna who's target is to join feminine talent forged in the catalan musical scene.

After having worked during more than 4 years together with the band WOM arranging tunes from other artists now they decide to give voice to their own compositions too. To do so, Clara Luna (piano and vocals) and Laia Fortià (drums and vocals) joint Anaïs Vila (guitar and vocals), Gessamí Boada (keyboards and vocals) and Magalí Datzira (electric bass and vocals).

Together they achieve a personal and characteristic sound that takes us to the musical universe of this creative women in which the unifying element in their songs is the addition of the voices and the resounding tissue that they create when they interweave with the different instruments.

Wom’s collective is a femenin, solid proposal with personality, women musicians and composers, with a wide experience and musical training, both in Catalunya and US, Germany and England, and a long and solid career on the stages of festivals and venues in the national territory. Nowadays they are recording a record that will appear in September 2018 under RGB Suports that will have 6 own compositions and 4 covers.

Clara Luna - Vocals and pìano
Laia Fortià Drums and vocals
Anaïs Vila - Guitar and vocals
Gessamí Boada - Keyboards and vocals
Magalí Datzira - Bass and vocals