Global Kryner
Global Kryner, WEG
  • artist:Global Kryner
  • featured artist:Yaqueline Castellanos, Cuba
  • region:Central Europe
  • release year:2007
  • style(s):Jazz, Roots
  • country:Austria
  • formats:CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Blauzucker Music Agency
  • label:BlauZucker & Lavine
  • publisher:BlauZucker
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Global Kryner
Everybody wants to get way!

…but only the Global Kryner really know where they're headed: out into the world and back to the Alpes - all in one breath. This is finest Jules Vernes-pop combined with break-neck Indiana Jones-Krynerei. Whether the globe-trotting leads to Cuba, Mongolia or to the beautiful dreamland of a love-sick musician doesn't really matter. Because for Global Kryner, the path is not just the goal, but above all an enjoyable detour. Better to make music like a porno-landscape of magnificent sunsets rather than a still-life of doomed objects. And at the latest when megalomanic sixteenths tear up the autobahn, you know without a doubt that actually successful world music should have always been called earth music: it doesn't wash, it makes dirty. And leaves traces of sweat on the dress.

Global Kryner knew that already back in 2004 when they cross-mixed world hits with the Oberkrainer sound and earned enthusiastic praise. "Alpine discovery of the year" is of course a great job, but unfortunately limited to maximal twelve months. So in their second album Global Kryner stepped on the gas and let themselves fly furiously out of the curve, finally landing on this third path in order to reinvent themselves completely new. The Oberkrainer-smugglers per mega-hit have turned into precise songwriters in the high art of wisdom-smuggling per Karawanken-beat. After all, who knew before that the connection between a live mountain-biker and a dead frog is actually a blessing in disguise?

Today an undisguised blessing is buried even deeper. Still Global Kryner succeeds with their new CD "Weg" (the word in German means both path and away) to uncover one of the most fantastic treasures since the invention of the accordion: Global Kyrner manages to feed the blissfully rhythmic verbal sounds with such irony that for those who just want to be happily on the move, this fun is not ruined but instead doubled. And only a few beats later comes a wave of naked pathos so irresistible that mistreated metropolitan brains are reminded of the smell of damp alpine meadows. At last we finally know: yes, the idyll exists, but only indiscretion makes it exciting.

That's why there are no more stops. But be careful: Global Kryner's truly ecstatic music as antidepressant, painkiller and dementia blocker naturally requires a prescription, and it is imperative to read the leaflet instructions. The "Weg" should be taken while standing, better yet when in motion. Only before listening to the song "Alt" one should sit down or lean on the bar. For seldom has intelligent hip-hop jazz sounded so despairing. And it's been a long time since anyone has reminded us with such virtuosity as Global Kryner, that on the stony path to tomorrow there are still a few hours left of today.
Michael Werner