BRAZIL @ Classical:NEXT 2015 playlist

The Brasil Music Exchange project presents a special playlist with some of the best music available at the brazilian corner at the Classical:NEXT 2015!


Bold, strange, smooth. There's plenty of everything in the lively classical & contemporary music scene from Brazil today. From the experimental, cinematic "música estranha" ("strange music") of Thiago Cury's Água Forte work to the virtuoso, clever arrangements of the Siqueira Lima guitar duo, from the refinement and boldness of Claudio Dauelsberg and Sérgio Roberto de Oliveira's soundscapes to the deep dive into Brazilian roots with Acalanto's artists, there's more than ever to discover. Come visit us at stands 23 and 24!

Check out our special Classical:NEXT 2015 playlist here:

article posted by:Susana Bragatto, BM&A - Brasil Music & Arts