Line up

  • BERNARDO MARTINEZ (Drums, clarinet and flutes )
  • OSCAR FERNANDEZ (Hurdy-gurdy )
  • SUSANA DE LORENZO (Voice and harmonium)
  • XOAN PIÑON (Acoustic and electric guitar )


The legendary band DOA, the forerunner of progressive folk and early music revival, gave us a new work devoted entirely to medieval Galician poetry after more than thirty years after the release of their first album O Escura are da Estrela.

The members of the band are three of the group's founders, Xoan Piñon, Xaquín Blanco and Bernardo Martinez; versatile artists with ample experience also in the fields of photography, painting, theater, poetry and experimental music. This time they added the zanfoñeiro Oscar Fernandez, one of the most important figures in the picture of new folk, founder of the groups Os Cempés and Bonovo. And the impressive voice of the renowned soprano Susana de Lorenzo, holder of a great technique, emotion and nuance.

With this new work, the group explores the symbolism of ancient forest, demonstrating, once again, its expertise and originality.
The frond of the deer (2011)


Verdes Herbas 03:38 Music: Bernardo Martínez.
Texto: Pero Meogo
Estes meus ollos 03:33 Based on Cantiga de Sta. María. Alfonso X.
Texto: Johan García de Guilhade
Levousa fremosa 04:18 Music: Xoan Piñón. Texto: Pero Meogo
Gran dereit 03:58 Baseado na Cantiga de Sta. María. Alfonso X el Sabio
Porque no mundo mengou a verdade 03:17 Música: Xosé Quintas Canella.
Texto: Airas Nunes
Cantiga II de Martín Codax 05:05 Baseado na Cantiga 2 de Martín Codax
Voda Mozárabe 03:40 Baseado na Cantiga de Sta. María. Alfonso X el Sabio.
Sediame eu na ermida de san simón 03:47 Música: Xosé Quintas Canella.
Texto: Meendinho
O Maroot 3:25 Baseado na Cantiga de Sta. María e un Lais
(Cantiga de Escarnio e Maldecir)
SanctiIacobi 06:01 Baseado no Códice Calixtino