Single from RAINA
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Line up

  • Ana Senlle (voice, tambourine and vocal direction)
  • Anxo Pardo (tambor, pandeiro and tarrañolas.)
  • Gustavo Dominguez (accordion and arrangements)
  • Raquel Dominguez (bag pipes (in Do, Re and Sib) and flutes.)
  • Señora Carmen, Silvina, Fita, Clara, Car (VOICES)
  • Sergio Tannus (Guitar, cavaquiño and viola caipira.)


Malvela is a group of women spanning different generations, from Senora Carmen who's 86 years old to Raquel Dominguez who's 32, devoted to rescuing from oblivion the old songs of the region of Mos-Porrino, on the border with Portugal. The group was created in a class about popular music taught by Uxia in her native village, Sanguineda.
In 2002 they released their first album, and now we are presenting "Raianas", their 4th album, this time recorded live. They have done numerous live performances that have confirmed them as one of the most attractive acts of Galician music with a great ability to connect with audiences of diverse ages and backgrounds.
Malvela conveys a festive atmosphere in this album, with the natural strength and conviction these women have every time set foot on stage. Their concerts are always exciting and participatory, a unique opportunity to enjoy the best of popular music. The Malvela "Cantareiras" are accompanied by their group and guests like Uxia, Carlos Blanco, Nuria Freiria, Oli Xiraldez and the poet from Mos ,Maria Magdalena.

"Raianas" is a journey through the music of both banks of the Minho river, with traditional and contemporary songs along with new songs and some of the best known "hits" of the group, as the "O Pirimpimpin" cover heard in the Padre Casares TV series, recorded in this album for the first time. The album focuses on the Raiano (border) repertoire, rejoicing in the spirit of brotherhood with Portugal that Malvela have expressed since their first album.
In the words of Uxia, artistic director of the project "the idea is to make the connections visible, the historical and linguistic identity of the two banks of the river Mino, father of Galicia. These links materialized in the form of an album 'Raiano', Which is an outstanding tool for Galicia and Northern Portugal to establish an increasingly closer relationship through music, sort of like a marriage of convenience

TRACKLIST: 1. Voda Na Raia 2. Trubisqueira 3. Don Meliton 4. Cantiga Do Apalpador 5. Tempos Novos - Maria Magdalena 6. Menina Vamos Ao Vira 7. Valsa De Voda 8. Os Peixinhos 9. Eu Teno Un Cancino 10. Casate O Prima 11. Coitada - Maria Magdalena 12. Rumba De Carcacia 13. Pola Rua De San Pedro 14. Forro No Escuro 15. Fui Colher Uma Roma 16. Pirimpimpin 17. Aqui Teno De Cantare 18. O Galo 19. EAU De Malvela-Carlos Blanco