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  • Rodrigo Romani (harp, ocarina, )

Rodrigo Romani is a popular musician among the Galician and Spanish public, especially among fans of roots music, through his work as a founding member of Milladoiro, with whom he toured the world for over twenty years, promoting the use of the Celtic harp in Galician music and collaborating with first rate artists and orchestras worldwide.
Names like Bill Whelan (Riverdance), Liam O'Flynn, the English Chamber orchestra, the RTE orchestra or Symphony Orchestra of Galicia, etc... have requested the assistance of Rodrigo Romani as harp soloist for various projects.


Rodrigo is also the producer of the first works of artists like Susana Seivane or Treixadura, a composer awarded with a Goya (Spanish Oscar) and a Maria Casares among other awards, founder and educator of the Traditional and Folk Music School of Vigo where he teaches advanced Harp courses, conductor of the first Spanish folk orchestra, Sondeseu, and promoter of world music through his programs in Galician public radio.
He recorded a dozen albums with Milladoiro, and participated in other formations as Lizgairo, earning several awards and honors for his recordings worldwide. He has released three albums as a soloist: Albeida (2001), Cantos Caucanos (2003) and Breogan Harp (2012).

The Breogan Harps
Since the end of the 70s, when Emilio Cao first and Rodrigo Romani later, introduced the use of the harp in the new intepretations of the emerging new style of Galician folk, developed from traditional oral music, dancing and ancient singing and the more recent addition of popular music, a long road has been travelled by groups and soloists from around the country. They adopted the harp providing it with different accents and ways of interpretation. In particular, the creation of the first class dedicated to harp in the University of Vigo in 1996 by luthier Ramon Casal and Rodrigo Romani and its subsequent development in ETRAD (Folk and Traditional Music School) of the same city, marks a decisive turning point in the creation of a new style with Galician accent. Milladoiro, Berrogueetto or more recently, Lulavai, Sete Saias, Roi Casal or the harps section in the Sondeseu orchestra, are all linked at some point with the Classroom of Celtic Harp in ETRAD. Today we can find in this beautiful Atlantic corner qualified interpreters and luthiers of an instrument virtually unknown in Spain just three decades ago.

In Breogan Harps, Rodrigo presents a work dedicated to the sound of the celtic harp and its use in contemporary folk created from traditional music. Songs composed by Rodrigo himself, adaptations with traditional airs and even classical music themes compose a varied repertoire that hooks by its sound and originality. Primarily designed for two harps, vocals, bass and percussion, the album showcases other sounds like ocarinas, mouth harps and electronic instruments, making the listener approach in a different way the musical aspect of a milenary Iberian culture with a very distinct personality.