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OFG Sondeseu with dance secction
hurdy gurdy secction


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Line up

  • ALFONSO FRANCO (Coordinator of Fiddle seccion)
  • ANXO PINTOS  (Coordinator of Hudy Gurdy secction)
  • JAVIER FEIJOO (Coordintaror of singing section)
  • RODRIGO ROMANI (Conductor, Harpp, Ocarina, )
  • XAQUIN XESTERIRA (Coordintator of bagpipes and Percussion secction)
  • XOSE LIZ (Coordinator of Flutes seccion)


Sondeseu is one of the first European orchestras playing contemporary folk music. Its repertoire includes pieces from the Galician oral tradition of popular music, specially arranged for the different components of the orchestra comprising bagpipes, percussion, hurdy-gurdy, fiddles, requintas (Galician flute) and recorders, voice, harp and string instruments. Sondeseu was formed in 2001 as part of the former department of Traditional Music of the School of Arts and Crafts, currently E-Trad, Municipal School of Folk and Traditional Music of Vigo, a unique project seeking to merge specialist skills, stage performances and community music. It has gradually been growing in relevance both on a national and international scale, boasting three published albums and numerous public awards. The live concerts are a celebration of the recovery of our oral heritage and its integration into urban modernity, enabling active participation by an audience of many age groups and cultural backgrounds. Sondeseu, in collaboration with the City Council of Vigo, is currently heading the ENFO project (European Network of Folk Orchestras) that seeks to encourage the creation of new orchestras throughout Europe, thus establishing a network of participation and exchange of musical skills.
Barlovento is dedicated to all those men and women who feel they are the heirs of a cultural heritage born out of the essential needs of a society that was better adapted to its environment than the one we live in today. The revival of sailboats of yesteryear, the restoration of wooden boats which sailed the seas and the Galician estuaries in days gone by and their use in sport, in leisure and in the education of our youth highlight the important role played by tradition from a social, anthropological and even economic perspective. Like the most evocative of melodies, the blowing of the wind on the sails is the sound of the return to life of the rich maritime culture of our forbears, submerged in a present time full of its own intonations, its arms open to the future.

LIST OF THEMES: 1. Barlovento 2. O Galo De Leirado 3. Aires De Moscarnoia 4. Romance De Miravella 5. Canto De Arrieiro Da Lamosa 6. Mencer No Camino 7. Tradiculata 8. Cantos De Reis De Carois E Rinlo 9. Espadelada De Penosinos 10. Alala De Padron 11. Melchor De Cumieira