Dani Gurgel
Agora (Borandá 2010)


Dani w/Vinicius Calderoni
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Borandá relaunches 'Agora' by Dani Gurgel and the new composers

Released by ArtistShare on September 2009, 'Agora' features a wide range of talented, Brazilian composers mixing traditional styles with modern grooves, all while featuring the fantastic voice of Dani Gurgel.

In each song, Dani Gurgel receives one or more guests: the song’s composer(s) who is(are) part of the recording. The new faces tonic the record’s different sonorities as well. Unity is made possible by Thiago Rabello’s production and Dani’s beautiful interpretation, combined with each guest’s unique personality. As natural as child play, the songs go from jazz to pop. There are sambas (popular Brazilian rhythm), such as Vinicius Calderoni’s “Linha na Pipa” (Kite on the line), grooves, like Danilo Moraes and Ricardo Teté’s “Clinch” (Onomatopoeia), themes on the edge of erudite music and jazz, like the song “Depois” (After), Dani’s partnership with Tatiana Parra, and a mixture of Brazilian influences, as displayed in Rafa Barreto’s overwhelming “Bate Pilão” (“Pilão” is an instrument used in Brazilian and African cooking. “Bate” is the movement made in order to crush grains).