"Sobre Palavras" - Veronica Ferriani & Chico Saraiva

Veronica Ferriani & Chico Saraiva
Sobre Palavras


Chico Saraiva and Mauro Aguiar
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  • artist:Veronica Ferriani & Chico Saraiva
  • featured artist:Veronica Ferriano & Chico Saraiva
  • region:Southern Brazil
  • release year:2009
  • style(s):Brazilian, MPB
  • country:Brazil
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:Borandá Brasil
  • label:Borandá Brasil
  • publisher:Borandá Brasil
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Sobre Palavras - Veronica Ferriani and Chico Saraiva

Carried out through the Ministry’s of Culture and Funarte’s prize called “Projeto Pixinguinha”, the album “About Words” is a collective work, the artistic synthesis of a strong character singer, Verônica Ferriani, an inspired composer – arranger - instrumentalist Chico Saraiva and a deeply contemporary song writer, Mauro Aguiar.

Each of "Sobre Palavras´" songs overflows talent and creativity of three representatives of a generation in search of a new unfolding for their musical references. Chico enlightens: “It is a result that brings Mauro’s poetry, my mark as composer-arranger and Verônica’s unique voice, making it a special project for each of our trajectories. Verônica complements: “Chico puts in the more elaborated music, in the harmonic/melodic sense, and I the popular face through clear interpretations and intentions which are my singing priorities”

Having successful solo careers to show for themselves in Brazil, Verônica and Chico prepare themselves to start their trajectory abroad.