Bragod sets medieval Welsh poetry, experimentally, to the music of the crwth and lyre. Mary-Anne Roberts dances the musical structures as she sings.

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Bragod is a musical collaboration between Welsh instrumentalist Robert Evans and a Trinidadian singer Mary-Anne Roberts. They are unique in interpreting Welsh music and poetry from the 6th century to the 19th century, using original instruments and sources. They play the strummed, six-stringed lyre of North-Western Europe and the crwth, a six-stringed bowed lyre, esteemed in Wales for 800 years.

In their vital performances they dance the formal structures of the music, singing Welsh poetry ranging from stanzas of the Gododdin (6th century) to ritual and popular songs of the 18th and 19th century. Bragod also makes settings of modern poems. They play and sing in Pythagorean tuning.

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Offeren y Llwyn - Woodland Mass - YouTube

Ymddiddan Athur a'r Eryr - Arthur's Talk with the Eagle - YouTube

Yr Wylan - The Seagull - YouTube

Description of a Crwth - The White Piper's Kaniad - YouTube

Recreating Bardic Music - Trailer - YouTube

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