Cover of Single "Guagüita Cuna"
Live in Peru


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Song "H. Pobrero"
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  • country:Colombia
  • style(s):Fusion, World
  • label:Release as Independent
  • type:Band
  • gender:male, female
  • instrumentation:instrumental, vocal
  • artist posted by:CA Musica

Line up

  • Adrian Alvarez (Accordion & Chorus)
  • Adriana Benavides (Singer & Guitar)
  • Carolina Ponce (Singer)
  • David Narvaez (Electric Guitar)
  • Favio Portillo (Electric Bass)
  • Juan Cano (Singer)
  • Pablo Muñoz (Violin, Charango, Chorus)
  • Yeimy Argotty (Musical Director, Drums, Chorus)



“…this ensemble from Colombia plays in many different crossover styles”
Christoph Borkowsky - Piranha

«Southern Colombia, Bambarabanda plays some of the wackiest fusion music I’ve heard. All of it was performed incredibly well. Three vocalists, drum kit, bass, electric and acoustic guitars, violin, charango, accordion, various percussive instruments, and generaly just a mix up of strange but cool sounds»
By Beaver On The Beats, USA

«one of the 15 Colombian bands of the new millenium»

Bambarabanda was formed in 1999 at the most southern capital city of Colombia, Pasto, well-known for its Carnival of Blacks and Whites. The band members met each other at “Etica”, a club in Pasto, where a group of young people without any academic music knowledge, used to meet to explore new sounds and to play percussions. The place was always packed. It also had a very bad reputation between the most conservative society of Pasto. It was in this context that there came out a lot of shouts, rhymes, noise, protest, complaints, the Andean tradition, and a very Pasto Hip Hop (“Pastuso” Hip Hop). It was against this background that Bambarabanda arose as a mixture of irreverent words, genres and colourful party.

Bambarabanda’s music is a very unique mix of genres. They say: «Our sound is the result of global music influences merged with the rhythms of the traditional music of our city of Pasto and our region of Nariño. This blend gives special musical tones to our music: a sound that reminds our carnival as well as a musical assimilation that breaks the established genres».

At the present Bambarabanda is leading a deeply research about the roots of the ancestral and traditional music of Latin America that have stood in the Andean Mountain range. They are working to get a highest-level vocal performance with fine melodies. They are looking for a wider and cleaner sound without borders. They want to keep their original and unique fusion: A global sound that identifies Bambarabanda. They have already recorded new songs that will be ready in few months.