Caamaño & Ameixeiras (Spain)

Caamaño & Ameixeiras (Spain)


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Line up

  • Antia Ameixeiras (fiddle, vocal)
  • Sabela Caamaño (Accordeon)


A duo of organic empathy grown out of the rich soil of Galician music, blending fiddle and accordion in a celebratory exploration of the intertwining roots of Galician, Basque, Balkan and Celtic music traditions. Sabela Caamaño and Antía Ameixeiras joined their considerable forces together in 2018, releasing their first album, Aire!, in 2021, which brought them the Martin Códax Music Award 2021, the 1st Prize at the Folkez Blai 2021 and the Premio Opinión award for Best Album of the Year. Both individually assimilated Galician traditions from an early age, have accumulated impressive academic achievements, and participated in a wide range of collaborations with artists such as Carlos Núñez, Kepa Junkera and legendary Galician ensemble, Luar na Lubre. Together they manifest a vibrant musical universe where the old ways are also the new ways.


Caamaño & Ameixeiras (Spain)