Quitar o aire.

Caamaño&Ameixeiras's new work is inspired by Galician popular rites. A fascinating universe where reality, magic and religion converge to provide answers, to heal and celebrate life. A world that places the tribe at the centre, the community, understood as a network of help to save each other.

In this album, the duo emotionally and musically undresses to connect with their roots and immerse themselves in this imaginary, which is also their own, to visit and recreate some of the most beautiful and suggestive places. From the intimacy and sadness of mourning to the exaltation and celebration of the cure of illness. From the excited illusion of love filters to the powerful darkness of exorcisms.

After their first album, Aire! (2021), Caamaño&Ameixeiras now appeal to the purifying rite, to the precise word, to ancestral wisdom. To chaos and renewal.

article posted by:Antonio Prado, Caamaño&Ameixeiras