Cairo Steps

Cairo Steps merges and combines traditional Egyptian and oriental grooves with modern jazz improvisation, classical music and contemporary sounds.

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Cairo Steps is an international music ensemble consisting of German and Egyptian musicians.The music is influenced by spiritual ethnic music as well as european music traditions and alternates between strong unison rhythms, virtuoso solos and meditative soundscapes. The result is a unique music style and an exciting blend of various cultures. The ensemble has played numerous concerts in Egypt and Europe with musicians and artists from around the world including performances at Cairo Opera House in Egypt, Frankfurt „Alte Oper“ in Germany as well as international festivals and live TV shows.
Cairo Steps pursues the vision of crossing cultural, political and religious borders and building bridges between the occident and the orient. Founded in 2002 as a collaboration between Egyptian oud player Basem Darwisch and German pianist Matthias Frey, Cairo Steps has now become an international ensemble under the musical direction of German pianist and producer Sebastian Müller-Schrobsdorff.

2017 „Flying Carpet“ – Cairo Steps & Quadro Nuevo (album)
2017 „Gnossienne No. 1“ feat. Sheikh Ehab Younis (single)
2014 „Arabiskan“ (album)
2004 „Oud Lounge“ (album)

2017/04 „Ikarus’ Dream“ - Cairo Steps & Quadro Nuevo
2017/03 „Flying Carpet“ - Cairo Steps & Quadro Nuevo
2017/01 „Gnossienne No. 1“ – Cairo Steps feat. Sheikh Ehab Younis (more than 2,1 Mio. facebook views and 600.000 youtube views)
2015/02 „Sultan“ – Cairo Steps

2015/12 Mohamed Mounir - „Ana Mennek Etaalemt“
(#1 Egypt single charts, more than 6 Mio. youtube views)

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  • WOMEX 2017


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"Flying Carpet" - Cairo Steps