official photo

Line up

  • Admir Shkurtaj (Accordeon, concertina)
  • Antonio Cotardo (Flute)
  • Emanuele Licci (guitar)
  • Franco Nuzzo (Tamburello, percussions)
  • Giorgio Vendola (Acoustic bass)
  • Roberto Licci (Voice, guitar)
  • Salvatore Cotardo (Clarinet, sax)


GHETONIA stands for absolute music perfection. Its unique and amazing musical language blends sounds and words creating a timeless style absorbing Greek, Balkans, Pizzica, Taranta, Jazz and Contemporary. Group's recordings and concerts are to be listed among the finest expressions of European culture: GHETONIA comes from a very old Greek speaking community based in Southern Apulia, where Griko is still spoken after 3.000 years (it's Homer's language).


"Riza" - Ghetonia