Mattanza in concert

Line up

  • Alfredo Verdini (percussions)
  • Enzo Petea (keyboards, accordeon)
  • Francesca R. Buda (voice, actress)
  • Francesco Speziale (guitar)
  • Mimmo Martino (voice, syrinx, handcraft aereophones)
  • Pasquale Squillacioti (percussions)
  • Peppe Tropeano (guitar, lyra (from Calabria), bouzouki )
  • Roberto Aric√≤ (acoustic & electric bass)


Mattanza is the most famous World Music group from Calabria and features a style that embodies all the Mediterranean cultures. "A people without memory is like a tree without destined to die": these are the final words of every MATTANZA's concert. The name of the group means "tunny-massacre" and wants to be a reminder of the undergoing ethno-massacre to Southern-Italian culture, an issue that threatens to wipe out the richness of marvellous Graecia Magna's heritage.