Pratola Folk

Line up

  • Achille Marano (guitar, battente, voice)
  • Armando Marano (accordeon, concertina, flute, voice)
  • Barbara Aufiero (flute)
  • Cesare Carpenito (violin, mandola)
  • Enzo Di Somma (cello, acoustic bass)
  • Federica Pagliuca (voice, castanets)
  • Felice De Palma (guitars)
  • Gerardo Santoro (voice, castanets)
  • Giusy De Laurentiis (voice, castanets)
  • Lorenzo Petruzziello (drums)
  • Lorenzo Santoro (tammorra, tamburello, percussions)
  • Orlando Marano (voice, reed flute, ciaramella, mandolin, etc)


PRATOLA FOLK was founded in 1974 by Orlando Marano, who wrote some of the most brightest pages in the history of Naples' folk music. Along with its leader and another survivor of the first group, 10 new young musicians are now involved in the old project. The group boasts a lot of Orlando's new compositions that already became "classics" among a wide public and that represent a kind of "popular and singer-songwriter" style enriched by World Music contaminations.