Salentu Cantu

Salentu Cantu
live performance


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Line up

  • Adele Polo (voice, choir)
  • Alessandro Zuccaro (lead voice, keyboards)
  • Annarita Parisi (voice, choir)
  • Caterina Gaballo (voice, choir)
  • Damiano Maceri (accordeon, bandeon)
  • Elisa Rizzo (voice, choir)
  • Elisabetta Inguscio (voice, choir)
  • Enrico Duma (guitar)
  • Fabio Capone (bass)
  • Giancarlo Paglialunga (tamburello, percussions)
  • Marcello Rocca (guitar, harmonica)
  • Max Ingrosso (drums)
  • Michele Profeta (accordeon)
  • Pino Cordisco (voice)
  • Tommaso Zuccaro (lead voice )


"Pop & Popular" orchestra of 15 musicians that is involved in recovering local traditions (love ballades, labour songs, pizzica, etc.) beside proposing original melodic music. The feature of SALENTUCANTU lies in its Pop-like arrangements that mix traditional and electronic instruments, with a "chart sound" hinged on 2 solo tenor voices singing in the wake of Italian "bel canto" tradition. The group is a whole new thing on the Italian World Music scene.