Rossano Ruggeri and the late Pino Zimba
The late Pino Zimba
Zimbaria in concert
Zimbaria in concert


Great Taranta song
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Line up

  • Edoardo Zimba (tamburello, voice)
  • Gabriella Morciano (leading voice)
  • Luisa Campa (guitar, back vocals)
  • Marco Dell'Anna (accordeon)
  • Rossano Ruggeri (guitar, tres)
  • Salvatore Salentino (violin)
  • Simone Longo (voice & tamburello)


The heart of rhythm, the supreme artistry of tamburello and the historical evolution of Pizzica and Taranta have found their highest accomplishment in ZIMBARIA's music (TARANTA is a kind of tarantella linked with "tarantismo", the phenomenon in which women went in trance as possessed ones because, of poisoned spider's bite). Last album "Pathos Taranta" represents a milestone for all Italian scene and a turning-point in TARANTA evolution towards new horizons.