Cankisou CD Faÿt
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Album from the time when.... ….absinth was poured freely.

The Cankisou band which is successful with their impressive and powerful ethno-rock sound both at home and abroad and for several years has been on the top of local world music scene, has just released their fifth studio album called Faÿt. The group of seven has this time prepared the most rock songs of people of Canki so far and catchy melodies, except traditional “čanki” rhythms, are accompanied by refined guitar.

Album from the time when… ….the air smelled of opium and President Benjamin loved one-legged rooster..

Cankisou have been playing together for some time now and have toured quite a few countries. The previous album Lé la was very strongly influenced by concerts in exotic places. The singer Karel Herman tells us about a theme that is related to the new album: “The unifying theme of the album is half-world and relaxed state of times that have already been forgotten.” While recording, it looks like the musicians from Cankisou remembered their performances in rock formations and they toughened their rhythmic songs in Indies studio under the supervision of Bronek Smid. “Both rock and alternative were shaping us and it’s impossible to hide it forever,” adds David Synák. “But I think it’s only for the first time you hear it. We had actually set up a rehearsal to make new album but we forgot the keys to our studio and Zdenek only had keys to the Progres studio. And there were all the boosters, powerful combos and other set of drums. And the following day we were supposed to record…well, what could we do… Of course, I’m kidding a bit, but that was the atmosphere in which we started.”

Album from the time when… …nudity was common in many places and in Indian freak show the last Canki people were probably performing their after-the-midnight number.

The new album is the fifth studio album of the band and it’s called Faÿt, which means “number five” in Canki language. The lyrics from the land of one-legged nation are again sung by Karel Herman, an unmistakable and impressive with his voice and physique. So both the darker sides of history of Canki people and their most incredible stories can be heard; anything from throat singing to a lullaby. And how the member of the band confirms,: “Each nation has their darker moments and it makes no sense to remain silent about it. There are the moments, yes, but we hope it’s always somehow balanced. We recorded the album with joy so maybe after listening to it for couple of times it will reach your ears.”

In November the CD was No. 17 in the World music charts Europe and now, in December, it is even No. 10. In the top 200 WMCE in 2011 as a whole Faÿt is No. 98 out of 899 moninated CD´s.