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I'm Mauro Durante, from Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino. We are looking forward to meeting you at the Womex!

We will be available at Puglia Sounds stand, number I.06. Please feel free to schedule a meeting with us.

Here are some video links of our live shows. Our kind of music is passional, obsessive and conducive to trance, owing to the fact that its main rhythmical actor is a local type of frame drum, the tamburello, which resounds like a never-stopping beating heart. The power of our music is at its highest during live shows, when the audience moves and dances to the rhythm.
babel med 2011:
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The original brain child of the writer Rina Durante, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino (Best Italian World Music Band - MEI 2010, Babel Med Music selection 2011) is the foremost and longest standing traditional music band from Salento, in Puglia, coming together in 1975.
In 2007 the lead passed from the original founder of the band, Daniele Durante, to his son Mauro (already a highly regarded frame drums player and violinist who has played with numerous artists, such as Ludovico Einaudi, Piers Faccini, Ballake Sissoko, Ibrahim Maalouf, Stewart Copeland and La Notte della Taranta). At the age of 26,of Ludovico Einaudi, Maestro Concertatore of La Notte della Taranta, and works with him in the creation and artistic production of that spectacular performance. Canzoniere open the Concertone of La Notte della Taranta in Melpignano, performing live in front of over 100.000 people.
With a range from the energetic pizzica pizzica, to the tenderness of songs of love and longing; from the festa like exuberance of a local band to an ironic glance towards modernity, Canzoniere provide an intense and atmospheric spectacle.
With the obsessive rhythms and music of Pizzica, the local dance, Canzoniere made the history of the Italian world music.
Canzoniere's live concerts are a life explosion: full of energy, passion, rhythm and mystery, they bring the audience from the past into modernity, and back.
With 16 albums and numerous performances in Europe, the Middle East and the USA, Canzoniere have always evoked an enthusiastic response from audiences and sensitively admiring reviews from the music press.


TOUR 2011
March 2 Corigliano d'Otranto - RAI tv recording
March 4 Bari - Villa Romanazzi Carducci
March 26 Marseille, FR - Babel Med Music
April 29 Monopoli - Chiesa S.Pietro
May 7 Milano - Parco Sempione
May 8 w Accordone - Munchen, DE
May 22 Novate Milanese - Aspettando Villa Arconati Festival
May 28 Pisa - Pisa Folk Festival
June 10 w Maurizio Colonna - Torino
June 12 w Accordone - Switzerland
June 13 w Accordone - Dortmund, DE
June 15 w Piers Faccini - Roma
June 25 w La Notte della Taranta - London, UK - Barbican Centre
June 26 w La Notte della Taranta - London, UK - Barbican Centre
June 28 w La Notte della Taranta - Carroponte, Milano
June 29 w La Notte della Taranta - Roma - Auditorium Parco della Musica
July 8 w Stewart Copeland and La Notte della Taranta - Cartagena - festival La Mar de Musicas
July 9 Forino (Av)
July 18 Bra (Cn)
July 21 w Ludovico Einaudi - Cartagena - Festival La Mar de Musicas
July 23 Solin, Split, HR - EthnoAmbient Festival
July 24 Puglia Bite - Cagnano Varano (Fg)
July 25 Firenzuola (Fi)
July 26 Soliera (Re) - Mundus
July 30 Ariano Irpino (Av)
August 1 Cisternino (Br)
August 4 Ceglie Messapica (Br)
August 7 Carpino - Puglia Bite! Carpino Folk Festival
August 13 Orsara di Puglia (Fg)
August 14 Montalbano - Montalbano Folk Fest
August 17 Trentinara (Sa)
August 19 Frosinone - Tarantelliri Festival
August 22 w Ballake Sissoko - Salento, La Notte della Taranta Festival
August 27 w Ludovico Einaudi and many others... Melpignano - Concertone de La Notte della Taranta
August 28 Prata di Principato Ultra (Av)
August 29 Puglia Bite - Cagnano Varano (Fg)
August 30 Galatina (Le) - Be It
September 2 w Fanfara Tirana - Francavilla Fontana (Ta)
September 3 Corato (Ba)
September 4 Rovereto (Tn) - Festival OrienteOccidente
September 13 Milano - Festival MITO
September 15 New York City, NY - NY Gypsy Fest, US
September 16 Madison, WI - Madison WMF, US
September 17 Chicago, IL - US
September 18 Chicago, IL - Chicago WMF, US
September 19 Chicago, IL - Chicago WMF, US
September 20 Saint Louis, MO - US
September 21 Cedar Rapids, IO - US
September 23 Bloomington, IN - Lotus Festival, US
September 24 Bloomington, IN - Lotus Festival, US
September 25 Boston, MA - Club Passim, US
September 28 Toronto, CA - Small World
September 30 Montreal, CA
October 1 Montreal, CA
October 2 Montreal, CA
October 3 New York City, NY - US
October 4 Jersey City, NJ - US
October 5 Philadelphia, US - World Cafè
October 6 Washington DC, US - National Geographic Live
October 14 w Ludovico Einaudi - Nanjing, CHINA
October 19 w Ludovico Einaudi - Shanghai, CHINA
November 4 Manresa, ES - Fira Mediterrania de Manresa
November 12 w Stewart Copleand and La Notte della Taranta - Sao Paulo, BR
November 19 Brest, FR
November 25 w Fanfara Tirana - Medimex, Bari

January 8 2012 - globalFest - New York City, US



Mauro Durante
via Lequile 68
73100 Lecce - Italy
+39 328 6149202

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