Capucho Produções | Choro Jazz

Capucho Productions, from São Paulo, Brazil, works with Brazilian instrumental contemporary music.

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Jazz language is present in the music of the artists that we booking. In despite of dialogue, Brazilian music style speaks louder.

We would like to introduce Alessandro Penezzi.
Alessandro Penezzi is an outstanding guitar player from São Paulo. His language is Choro _ Brazilian popular instrumental music. It is an common fact that virtuous musicians become famous by their performances since they control the musical instrument as they want. This fact is a similar relationship as a tamer, with his whip, and the jailed beast. The audience enjoys the musical numbers of theses made by these "supermen of the technique". However, the music, that was supposed to be the main issue as a whole, is almost injuried during this duel. When Alessandro Penezzi plays the guitar, this never happens. Besides his technical ability, his prodigious memory and huge musical culture, what impresses me the most about his musical personality is the relationship between he and the instruments he plays.

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