Los Haticos
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Camaleon - EP
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Line up

  • Carlos Guillén (Electronic + Percussions)
  • Marc Lacaille (Bass + Percussions)


Caribombo, the stage name of Carlos Guillén, embodies a vibrant fusion of Colombian and Venezuelan roots. Immersed in the rich musical heritage of his upbringing, he was nurtured by the resonating beats of Gaita de Tambora and an array of captivating tropical genres from South America.

At the young age of 22, Caribombo embarks on his journey as a DJ, swiftly recognizing the profound significance of live music as a medium for expressing values. Drawing inspiration from his diverse experiences, he decides to harness the power of tradition and folklore, ingeniously infusing them into a mesmerizing Tropical Bass project, thus elevating these cultural gems to new heights.

For many years he has been fusing music with Afro-Tropical genres, which has led him to tour America and Europe, developing his talent and increasing his enthusiasm for the music scene.

Caribombo is a meticulous and cohesive musical project that explores uncharted dimensions of Latin music. Rooted in tradition, Caribombo masterfully infuses it with contemporary elements, paving the way for a unique and innovative sound.