Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal - NEW CD EPISTOLA

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Carmen Souza & Theo Pascal are releasing the new cd EPISTOLA, previously showcased at JAZZAHEAD 2015, in France (Harmonia Mundi) this month. The release concert will at NEW MORNING, 30 Sep. 20H30.
Several dates in Europe follow including a tour in Germany next month.
Oct dates
30 Sep, New Morning, Paris, FR - Epistola release concert in France
03 Oct, Florence, Carmen Souza Trio, IT - PSK Africa Railway project
04 Oct, Octompump Fest 2015, The Royal Albert, London, Uk -
PSK Africa Railway Project
10 Oct, Omnibus, London, UK - PSK TRIO - Africa Railway project
14 Oct, Blue Note, PL
17 Oct, Jazzclub, Minden, DE
18 Oct, Scala, Leverkusen, DE
20 Oct, Unterfahrt, DE
22 Oct, Karlsruhe, DE
23 Oct, Stuttgart, DE
24 Oct, Kunstwerk e.v,, DE
25 Oct, Hannover, DE
26 Oct, Cafe Hahn, DE
27 Oct, Tuchfabrik, DE

Details on all dates in upcoming months and 2016 at

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