Theo Pascal


Theo Pascal, a Master of Arts, bassist, composer and pioneer producer in the
Lusophone music with jazz influences is mainly known for his work with
award-winning artist Carmen Souza.
Now he leads QUAMUNDOS2, a powerful multicultural group that includes musicians of
Portuguese/Lusophone origin and features CARMEN SOUZA and saxophonist Lenny
QUAMUNDOS, which means “union of people” in Kimbundu-Angolan dialect,
contemplates a world where differences are respected and valued, at a time when we
need more cohesion and humanity.
Pascal, whose father was a missionary Pastor within the African communities in
Portugal in the 70’s, explores his DNA roots from the North and South of Portugal and
his long-term connections with Lusophone Africa. His music is also an expression of
how he perceives modern contemporary music.
QUAMUNDOS2 is a musical locomotive of infectious grooves, unexpected arrangements
and improvised curves.