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Ötscherer an Austrian singer and songwriter talks in his song “I geh da net fuat” about his love to the place where he has been born - a lonely valley
  • ÖTSCHERER - I geh da net fuat
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  • country:Austria
  • region:Western Europe
  • style(s):Folk, Songwriter
  • label:Newtone
  • type:Band, Composer/Songwriter, Trio
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:singer songwriter, guitar
  • artist posted by:CCA Artmusic


Austrian Alpin Rock - Folk, Country Blues, Soul, Jazz with a touch of North American Folk and Blues

The „Ötscherer“ comes from the Ötschervalley in Austria. Since the early days of alpine rock, he has been making his own music, a little like in a parallel universe, which draws from the same roots.

As if a Nashville musician had forgotten his steel guitar in the Vorderötscher, the “Ötscherer” gets straight to the point with its sparse instrumentation. “Not wanting, but being!” could be a headline or motto in his life.

In the period 1995 - 2013, 5 albums were released and distributed in Germany and now, after the death of his German publisher, could be brought back to Austria to be re-released here in a newly mastered form.

A new album is in the works and will be released in mid-2023 under the Newton Records label.

A composer and singer - who has always been singing in dialect out of truthfulness and not out of calculation, and who gave language to the feeling of life of a mountain massif „Ötscherer“


"I geh do net fuat" - Ötscherer

"Loni" - Ötscherer