"La Vida Es Una Cancion II" - QUIQUE NEIRA

Quique Neira Album "La Vida Es Una Cancion" II
Quique Neira Album "La Vida Es Una Cancion" II
  • artist:QUIQUE NEIRA
  • featured artist:Green Valley, Sie7e, Chameleon Landáez, Mista Dijah,Talulah Neira
  • region:South America
  • release year:2019
  • style(s):Latin, Reggae
  • country:Chile
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, CD (Compact Disc)
  • record posted by:CCA Artmusic
  • label:Cosas Buenas Prod.
  • publisher:Cosas Buenas Prod.
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"La Vida Es Una Canción" II
Quique Neira - the charismatic Icon - has a legendary status in Latin America' since the 1990s.

The new album by Quique Neira contains a total of 13 songs. Neira who decided to launch his new record production in the middle of the social outbreak that the country is going through included two themes that take on particular validity in the context that the country is experiencing these days. One of them is "Guerra", with the participation of the Spanish band Green Valley. Neira included as well a new version of "Mr Powa man", originally recorded in 2006 and included in the album "Jah Rock". To these are added 11 more tracks among those that stand out "El Oro Del Mundo" in salsa version and "Cerquita", performed together with the Sie7e Puerto Rican singer, winner of a Grammy for the best new artist in 2011. "Armonia de Amor"in ska version released as an advance on September 13.

Like any album of the artis it is a kind of photograph of the soul of whom created it. An x-ray that shows much of his joys, worries and emotions.

"Today with greater reason, we are going to say what we have to say as artists, from our trench we must do what corresponds to us, which is to deliver music that reflects everything good and everything bad that we see in the world," says Quique Neira.