"Efecto Vertigo" - CH Straatmann

CH Straatmann
Efecto Vertigo - CH Straatmann


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  • artist:CH Straatmann
  • featured artist:CH Straatmann
  • region:Bahia
  • release year:2013
  • style(s):Latin
  • country:Brazil
  • formats:Audio File / Digital,
  • record posted by:CH Straatmann
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Efecto Vertigo is the first solo album of the bass player and composer CH Straatmann.

Efecto Vertigo emphasizes genres like salsa, mambo, cumbia and bolero. The album creates an interesting dialogue between bass and percussion. Produced by Jorge Solovera and CH, Efecto Vertigo also includes the presence of percussionist Rudson Daniel, known for his contribution with artists such Luedji Luna, Daniela Mercury, Saulo, Lazzo Matumbi .

Throughout his career, CH has accumulated an extensive musical background, recording dozens of albums and touring throughout Brazil, Argentina and Europe. Among the artists he has worked with are: Ibibio Sound Machine (Nigeria / UK), Nina Miranda (UK), Agustin "El Bola" Carbonell - guitarist for Paco de Lucia (Spain), Down in Splendour (New Zealand / UK), Michele Drees Jazz Tap Project (UK), Veronica Valério (Mexico), Retrofoguetes (Brazil), Cascadura (Brazil).

His music has been played on radio programs such as Radio 1 Belgium (Closing Time World - presented by Zjakki Willems), “Brasil sin escala” ( Argentina), BBC Radio London (UK), Radio Educadora (Brazil), “Brazil Music Exchange" – With Jody Gillett (UK), Worldwide FM - Paul Bradshaw - Straight no Chaser (UK), Sveriges Radio (Sweden). Also featured in magazines such as Bass Musician Magazine (USA), Songlines Magazine (UK).