Millicent Chapanda

Millicent Chapanda a Mbira Player
Millicent Chapanda is a Mbira Player
Millicent Chaoanda
Millicent Chapanda a Mbira Player
Millicent Chapanda


Millicent Chapanda - Mbira Player
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Millicent Chapanda is a proud cultural artist, mbira player, singer, dancer and percussionist with a vibrant mission to bring the lived experience of women in Zimbabwe onto international world music stages.

Mbira Taizé with Millicent Chapanda is an incisive, participatory & inclusive gathering

The sound of the mbira is a true celebration of Shona culture that calls on the ancestral spirits.

The lilting and hypnotic sound of this unique instrument, along with moving traditional songs, is an experience that you will never forget.

“Millicent Chapanda just exudes presence and confidence, she is a great entertainer and that’s no mean feat. From the get go, or from the very first lengthy mhururu,

Millicent had the packed audience in the palm of her hand. I haven’t heard or seen anything like it since... never. Since I’d never seen such a joyous performance so riotously embraced by an audience.” Outsideleft, 2020

Website: www.
Instagram: @millicentcha
Mobile: +44 7401 999211

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