Desire / Hornyness / Ganas
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  • country:Germany
  • region:Berlin
  • style(s):Latin, Psychedelic
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band, Duo
  • artist posted by:Characo, Jeheremy

Line up

  • Cristóbal Rey (Charango, Rhodes Keyboard, Voice)
  • Danilo Timm (Guitar, Voice)
  • Hiromu Seifert (Drums)
  • Neus Kahlo (Violin, Back Voice)
  • Tomás Peralta (Bass)
  • Yanina Lombardi (Sax, Flute, Back Voice)


AQUAFABA reflects the magic and progressive creativity of Berlin’s eclectic scene! A burst of Brazilian rhythms and Indigenous sonorities of the Chilean Andes with psychedelic brushes of bossa, funk, jazz, and alt rock emulsified with their soulful unpretentious yet tastefully seasoned vocals in Portuguese, Spanish and English. Their locally grown musical concoctions confidently transcend stereotypical multi-culturalist overplayed tracks, and inevitably spread their fresh flavors along the way, gracefully claiming their place in the Cosmos.