• country:Russian Federation
  • region:Tuva
  • style(s):Rock, World
  • label:not signed
  • type:Band
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:rock band
  • artist posted by:Charmworks

Line up

  • Albert Kuvezin (Guitar and Vocals)
  • Sholban Mongush (Igıl and Vocals)


The group from Tuva, playing an organic fusion of musical traditions of Tuva, Siberia, Asia, with rock music. The group is considered one of the founders of the direction of "ethno-rock". Some critics also describe the band's style as "ethno-punk" and "route-rock" (from angl.root - root), but in music there are also elements of jazz and classical. For more than 25 years of the group "Albert Kuvezin and Yat-Kha," toured almost the entire Soviet Union, Russia and Siberia, gave concerts in many countries in Europe, Asia, North America and Oceania. Participated in many international festivals.


1989 - The Spector of Disaster (Sverdlovsk) - cassette album.
1993 - Yat-Kha.Antropophagia (General Records/Moscow).
1995 - Yenisei Punk (Global Music Cenetr/Finland).
1998 - Dalai Beldiri (Wickow -BMG Classics/Canada-USA).
2000 - Aldyn Dashka(Yat-Kha Records/UK)
2001 - Live in Europe 2001 (Yat-Kha Records/UK)
2003 - Tuva.Rock (Yat-Kha Records/UK, Plaene/Germany).
2005 - Re-Covers (Yat-Kha Records/UK, World Village/USA)
2005 - Live in Europe 2005 (Yat-Kha Records/UK)
2010 - Live at Meltdown festival in London 2005 (Yat-Kha Records/Russia/Tuva)
2010 - Poets and Lighthouses (Yat-Kha Records)
2010 - The Ways Of Nomad (The Best Of...) (Yat-Kha Records/Sketis Music)


1990 - Special Prize of Brian Eno at International Contest “Voice of Asia”, Almaty, Kazakhstan
1996 - Grand Jury Prize of Radio France International Contest “Pop and Rock a la East”
1997 - 1st prize for “Dyngyldai” video and documentary at MIDEM, Cannes, France in category Low Budget (director Gerd Conradt)
1999 - Prize of German music critics for originality
2002 - Prize for best club performance in Ethno-Music genre, Moscow
2002 - BBC Radio 3 Award in World Music in category Asia/Pasific
2007 - “Golden Iria” award in category “Legends of Siberian Ethno-Music» at festival “Sayan Ring”, Shushenskoye, Russia
2009 - “Golden Altai” award in category Best Singing at World Music Festival in Altai.

Contact: Turna Ezgi Toros
+90 530 301 88 68


"We Will Never Die" - Yat-Kha