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  • artist:!DelaDap
  • featured artist:17 Hippies, Leonsia Erdenko, NOHA, Martin Lubenov
  • release year:2006
  • style(s):Electronic, Gypsy
  • country:Austria
  • record posted by:Chat Chapeau
  • label:chat chapeau


From late summer 2005 until early 2006 Stani Vana
was working with his crew on the second album of !
DelaDap. And one can clearly hear the two years of
live touring between the production of the debut
album „Cigani Ruzsa + Angelo“ and the new album.

Staying true the motto „dela dap“ (Romanese for to
move something forward) several outstanding
musicians from middle and easter europe are
playing parts in the developement of the very
special mixture of the !delaDap sound.

Musical guests are among others the Russian „gipsy
queen“ Leonsia Erdenko and her trio known from
her work with the #1 russian gypsy group Loyko.
Also the brillant accordionist Martin Lubenov from
Bulgaria did contribute some excellent passages as
did the Czech rooted producer and saxophonist
Philip Noha (NOHA, Frank Pop Ensemble) from
Collogne who already worked with !DelaDap when
remixing the first single „Amaro Shavo“. Another
very unique mixture results from the performance
of singer Kiki Sauer and musicians of the Berlin
group „17 Hippies“ for the extraordinary song
„Lautlos“. The first single release
from the new album, titled „Dela Paji“ had it’s live
premiere at a concert at the Viennese ORF
Radiokulturhaus on December 19th.. This concert
was also the finishing of a very successful and very
exciting live season 2005 and at the same time it’s
already the prelude for the „Dela Paji Tour 2006“ to
which Stani Vana’s crew is already looking forward
impatiently. This the more since also the live
ensemble has got an even more diversified