Colombian music like never before!!!! Unique blend of ancestral rhythms and modern beats + lots of flow!!

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ChocQuibTown is an amazing group of Afro Colombian artists who define their music as "Afro Colombian Hip Hop Funk".

The songs of ChocQuibTown mix Afro Colombian traditional genres like Bunde, Currulao, Bambazú and Aguabajo with the music of Afro descendants of the U.S., Jamaica, Cuba and others like Hip Hop, Reggae, Electronic, Rumba, Flow, Salsa, Songo and Guajira.

“Our main goal is to show the sensitivity of our culture and our music, so they can be known in our own country and maybe in the rest of the world, so everyone can know why we are the way we are, we want to be part of spaces that had made us invisible as an ethnic group and artistic expression” said Tostao, the leader of the group.

From Bogotá, Colombia: CHOC QUIB TOWN, representing folklore music from the pacific coast of the country. A great ensemble of afro descendant rhythms, hip hop, afro beat, ragga, reggae and salsa, with a mixture of regional instruments (tambora, congas and marimba) drums, electric bass and guitar. With their name, they make tribute to the land they where born Chocó, a region of exquisite flavors and open hearts of tears and struggles, a land of people with the will power to overcome every difficulty stepping on their way.


Tostao: Flow and Gozadera
Goyo: Lead Vocals and Flow
Slow: Flow and Beats
Larry Viveros: Tambora, Congas y Marimba
Alex Sanchez: Bass
Juan Pablo Tobon: Guitar
Andres Zea: Drums
Carlos Rodriguez: Sound

participating in

  • WOMEX 2009



"EN CIRCULO (SA RISA)" - ChocQuibTown


"ORO" - ChocQuibTown








Latin Grammy Awards 2009