Jaune Toujours © Roger Van Vooren


Jaune Toujours live at Balabam in Tottenham on March 20th.

Since the band will already be in London to record their studio session for World on 3 at BBC Radio 3, they decided to stay the night and check out where long time friend, music lover and DJ Jamie Renton likes to spend his evenings.

Check out Jaune Toujours' latest album Europeana before for maximum enjoyment. You can buy it at your local record store (please support them) - distribution in the UK is through Discovery Music.

Balabam was born out of a desire to create a community-focused live music and arts venue in the heart of Tottenham. It has taken root and grown thanks to the collective effort of over 50 people from various backgrounds. Inside its doors you will find a community of artists, musicians, writers, actors and technicians to name a few. Their valued support stems from a shared belief in what Balabam stands for: community, live music and arts.

Tell your friends we're looking forward to meeting you all there!