Jaune Toujours and The New Album "Europeana" !

Jaune Toujours
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Jaune toujours presents you his new album "Europeana"!
The title for the album finds its origins – next to many possible other links and actual connotations - in some tours of the band in Canada. The audience there (often 2nd, 3rd or 4th generation of European migrants) described the music of Jaune Toujours as both familiar (the sounds and instruments of “the old continent”) and exotic (a very own, contemporay mix, distilled from all sorts of influences). Since it is difficult to classify Jaune Toujours, why not come up with a new musical term? Europeana it is therefore; analogue to or in opposition to the musical style Americana.

article posted by:Piet Maris, Choux de Bruxelles