Jaune Toujours
Jaune Toujours - Barricade


The third album by Jaune Toujours, released on the own label Choux de Bruxelles and distributed
through Pias (Benelux), Bomba records (Japan) and
licensed to Discmedi, Barcelona for the rest of the

Socially commited lyrics and catchy songs carried
by the groove of accordion, drums and bass,
strengthened by a solid horn section. This results in
a lot of musical variation: from the accordion
sounds of the Marolles (the musette quarter of
Brussels) over brassband to influences from deep-
ska and dub....

Songlines: The Jaune Toujours' sound is a
high-octane combination with uplifting lyrics tha
tcelebrate life, music and cultural diversity of their home city. These musical meetings offer a vision of the future, Jaune Toujours suggest, worth celebrating and defending (4 stars)