Belgium dances on Ici Bruxelles

On the 3rd of July, Belgium will dance on “Ici Bruxelles/Brussel Hier” by Jaune Toujours. With this song, the Belgian presidency of the European Union will start in a festive way. On this music, thousands of people will learn and dance a choregraphy by Bal Moderne, in 12 different cities at the same time. “Ici Bruxelles / Brussel Hier” has been adapted for this special occasion (some sequences in dutch along the original french version, new mastering) by Jaune Toujours. The song describes the real Brussels and Belgium as crossroads of languages and cultures. Couldn't have dreamt of a better interpretation of the European idea and the Belgian survalue.

article posted by:Piet Maris, Choux de Bruxelles