Songs for Kraken

Songs for Kraken
  • country:Italy
  • region:Northern Italy
  • style(s):Experimental, Impro
  • label:Slowth Records
  • type:Duo
  • gender:male
  • instrumentation:instrumental, electronic, guitar
  • artist posted by:Ciaramella, Antonio Pio

Line up

  • Antonio Ciaramella (Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, synth)


Songs for Kraken (SFK) is an experimental music project focusing on non-idiomatic improvisation and electroacoustic research. It stems from an idea by guitarist, composer and improviser Antonio Ciaramella, who is based in Bologna (Italy). Each improvisation stems from the collaboration between him and another artist/musician (always a different one), using the intuitive score method. Each collaboration is a unique moment of research investigating the relationship between electronic and acoustic instruments, together with the expressive possibilities of non-idiomatic improvisation, within a duo.
Regarding Antonio's background, he studied classical guitar, followed by jazz guitar and composition. Since 2019 he has been attending Stefano Battaglia's Workshops on Music Research, and since 2022 he has been studying electroacoustic improvisation at the Conservatorio of Bologna.