"Disrupted Recycled Pulsar / Octopushed" - Songs for Kraken

Songs for Kraken
EP Cover - Artwork: Danijel Zezelj


The deaf, hidden, solitary, metronomic and vital sound of the heart; the hypothetical existential polyrhythm made of the overlapping heartbeats of all living beings. The wheel as an object, the inexorable shifting of events that will, sooner or later, affect everybody. Repetition. Nature repeats itself incessantly. Insects mark a rhythm with their sounds... Who knows what they are saying. Men mark a rhythm, thinking that they are immortal... Every day one can be born and die. The planets immersed in the night mark a rhythm, creating the human game of lights and shadows. The celestial bodies pulse with apparently asynchronous polyrhythms like the singing of cicadas. Everything is part of history.

Released November 25, 2022

Guitar Antonio Ciaramella
Double bass Giulio Izzo
Production Antonio Ciaramella
Mix & Mastering Monolith Recording Studio
Artwork Danijel Zezelj