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Article La Provence Sophie Leleu

"Moments of grace with Sophie Leleu and Antoine Morineau !
What better than the prestigious setting of the synagogue to welcome Sophie Leleu, mezzo-soprano and harpist of international renown and Antoine Morineau, percussionist. The duo Racines presented their Sephardic melodies program «De Femmes en femmes». The audience is immediately won over by the couple’s complicity and musical intelligence. With her warm, powerful, melodious voice and gracious gestures, Sophie, who is one with her harp, and Antoine, take the audience, conquered, captivated, under the charm, who closes his eyes and lets himself be lulled. (…) The couple develops an exceptional mastery and virtuosity, the audience is in ecstasy, applauding to break everything and who has only one word: «magnificent», not hesitating, at the end, to sing in chorus with Sophie in Hebrew. Thanks to Sophie and Antoine for this fantastic moment. What emotion. Sublime !"

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