Cimarrón playing Joropo Music


Music from the Plains of the Orinoco River
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Joropo from the Orinoco Plains
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Line up

  • Ana Veydó (Voice)
  • Carlos Cuco Rojas (Harp)


Cimarrón are the most celebrated exponents of powerful joropo music from the Orinoco River Plains.

This Grammy-nominated six-piece presents an unique blend of its Andalusian, Indigenous American and African roots, with a soulful ethnic singing, amazing foot-stomping dance and fierce instrumental virtuosity of strings and percussions.

Their energetic and infectious music includes four-stringed cuatro, guitar like bandola, harp, maracas, Afro-Peruvian cajón, Brazilian surdo, Afro-Colombian tambora, a stomp dance as a percussion component and tribal indigenous whistles never seen before out of Latin America.

"Orinoco", their 2019 Latin Grammy nominated recording, is already considered a cult album made with the greatest musicianship, acclaimed by The Recording Academy, Billboard, UK Songlines Magazine, Newsweek, Pop Matters.

Cimarrón has earned standing ovations in 38 countries of 5 continents and in main folk and world music festivals around the globe such as Mawazine Festival in Morocco, Malaysia Rainforest World Music Festival, Switzerland Paléo Festival, Rajasthan International Folk Festival, Abu Dhabi Culture & Heritage Festival, Førde International Folk Music Festival, Flamenco Biennale Nederland, Newport Folk Festival, San Francisco International Arts Festival and main performing art centers worldwide such as Japan Musashino Concert Hall and China National Centre for the Performing Arts.