City Hall of Cali

Cali’s City Hall have established the creative sector, music, tourism and economic development as its tools for improve its sustainable development

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Cali is a city with a history strongly linked to creativity and various cultural manifestations, given its geographical location, has been influenced by the cultures of the pacific and the south west of the country, so it has an immense wealth in terms of sounds and rhythms that seek to express and make visible the whole of knowledge, worldviews and identities of the region. It is a city built on the diversity of its people. Cali has the second afro descendant population in Latin America; its musical roots vibrate in the sound of Currulao - the traditional dance of the Colombian Pacific region - sounds that, mixed with salsa, has given way, over the last decade, to fusion and Worldmusic, a contemporary trend that has allowed to bring the artistic scene of the city to other cities of the world, conquering and seducing new auditoriums , thanks to the digital tools offered by a globalized world.

Today Cali has more than 40 festivals representing US$165 million annually for the city's economy, opening up two events that have made the city famous in its most recent history: the Cali Fair and the Petronio Alvarez Pacific Music Festival, which add auditoriums totaling around 1,300,000 spectators and creating nearly 15,000 jobs. Reasons that highlight the importance of the city's creative ecosystem and motivate us to continue working on the positioning of a city capable of capitalizing on its cultural potential; for the benefit of the communities that inhabit it.

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  • WOMEX, Digital Edition, feat. Budapest Ritmo
  • WOMEX 2017


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