"Leila" - Leila Gobi

Leila Gobi
Leila Gobi - "Leila"
  • artist:Leila Gobi
  • featured artist:Leila Gobi
  • release year:2015
  • style(s):Desert Blues, Touareg
  • country:Mali
  • formats:Audio File / Digital, LP / Vinyl
  • record posted by:Clermont Music
  • label:Clermont Music
  • publisher:Clermont Music


Leila Gobi became a sensation in elementary school when she began to sing. Out of her petite frame came a voice that immediately enthralled her home town of Menaka. She repeatedly won awards as best solo singer in the province and has become its star female vocalist.

This album represents the first international release for Leila Gobi. It is released as a 500 copy limited edition 12” vinyl and also digitally. Two of the album tracks were recorded on 9 September 2012 in Studio Mali, Bamako. The other six tracks were recorded at Area 52 Studios in Saugerties NY on 24 September 2013. All the musicians live in Mali and have performed with Leila on various projects over the years. Pete Levin, the lone American who is heard on the recordings, graciously offered to play keyboards for the Saugerties sessions.

Leila’s ambition from an early age was to be a singer. Like women everywhere, she faced challenges to reach her career goal. Her family discouraged her. As a female artist from the distant province of Gao, it was tough to get recognized in the tightly knit artistic community in the capitol, Bamako. Backup vocalist for many great musicians, it was difficult for her to get respect as lead singer and the confidence t o front a group of male musicians who had always known her just as a chorus member.

Leila formed her own group in 2010. She has released 2 albums in Mali in addition to performing extensively there. She also has toured the sub-Saharan region performing in Niger, Burkina Faso, Cote d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Guinea, and Senegal. In September 2013 she sang in North America as a featured musician presented by Clermont Music in its second Festival au Desert /Caravan for Peace tour.