"Zegar Zivi" - Zegar Zivi

Zegar Zivi
Zegar Zivi Digipak front
Obrad Milic playing diple, photo by Andrew Cronshaw
Jandrija Baljak, photo by Andrew Cronshaw
Vojo Radmilovic, photo by Andrew Cronshaw
Lujo Vukanac, photo by Andrew Cronshaw
Zegar Zivi, photo by Andrew Cronshaw
Zegar Zivi - Lujo, Jandrija, Svetlana, Vojo, Milja, Obrad, photo by Jamie Orchard-Lisle


It might come as a surprise that this extraordinary music is from Europe. Powerful acapella group vocals, often using the wild beating-against-drone technique of groktenje, diple playing, goat-calling and church-bell ringing from a group of amazingly resilient Serbian singers who've moved back to their village of Zegar in the rocky hill-country of Dalmatia in Croatia – a region war-shattered in the 1990s and still depopulated, but beautiful and now peaceful - to rebuild their homes and pick up the threads of their lives and rich musical traditions. The album's title, which is also the group's name (written on the cover in its Cyrillic and Latinic forms), means "Zegar Lives".

All the tracks were recorded in Zegar in May 2007, produced by Andrew Cronshaw in collaboration with Svetlana Spajic.

There's much more information in the digipak's 60-page booklet, written in English and Serbo-Croat: the story of the recordings, short autobiographies by the singers themselves, track information and many photos.

Zegar Zivi:
Vojislav Radmilovic (vox), Jandrija Baljak (vox), Svetlana Spajic (vox), Miljka Radmilovic (vox), Dragomir Vukanac (vox), Obrad Milic (diple & vox)

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